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EQUIPMENT (Rotating Equipment, Vessels, Piping, Tanks, Fired Heaters / Boilers, Heat Exchangers)


We have the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot a wide variety of equipment problems. In many cases, we have previously solved similar problems, such as:

Rotating Equipment:

bearing and seal problems, capacity, vibration, cavitation
Pressure Vessels:

vibration (mechanical and flow induced), buckling, fatigue and creep cracking, bulges, hot spots, unexpected deformation
Heat Exchangers:

flow induced vibration, mechanical failures, fouling, tube corrosion, tube-to-tubesheet joint leaks
Fired Heaters:

combustion, NOx, sagging tubes, failed tube supports, tube vibration, fouling, coking/decoking, refractory

vibration, sagging pipe, expansion joint problems, excessive loads on equipment, fluid transients (e.g., waterhammer), fatigue and other mechanical failures


bottom settlement, corrosion

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