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EQUIPMENT (Rotating Equipment, Vessels, Piping, Tanks, Fired Heaters / Boilers, Heat Exchangers)

Mechanical Integrity

Haward Technology provides many important services which can be an integral part of your mechanical integrity program, including:

  • Providing expert consulting on codes and standards,

  • Performing fitness for service evaluations on damaged equipment,

  • Conducting failure analysis,

  • Managing corporate engineering standards,

  • Performing design reviews,

  • Providing construction inspection,

  • Planning risk based inspection programs,

  • Optimizing maintenance programs,

  • Establishing equipment records, and

  • Providing technical training.

We have the equipment expertise and experience and the analytical skills needed to accurately and efficiently perform the tasks listed on the previous slide.

Our staff includes industry leaders in the area of mechanical integrity (e.g. chairman ASME Post Construction Committee, which is responsible for developing ASME standards dealing with pressure equipment after it has been placed in service, chairman ASME Subcommittee on Repair and Testing, member of Joint ASME/API Committee on Fitness-for-Service and Subcommittee on Inspection Planning, vice chairman API Committee on Fitness-for-Service, which is responsible for API RP579, member API Committee on Risk Based Inspection).

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