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Process Facilities

Startup Planning and Manning

Startup of new facilities (process units, offsites, and utilities) always entails significant cost, and often involves very significant, unnecessary and expensive delays in achieving and/or sustaining design production goals. Adequate and timely startup planning and preparation can prevent these delays. Haward Technology Engineering is uniquely capable of providing startup- planning expertise. Our experienced staff has more than 100 man-years of hands - on startup planning and execution experience, on both small and large projects .

Haward Technology can efficiently provide answers to the questions on the following two screens:

  • What is the right organization for the facilities startup, and how does that organization interface effectively with engineering and construction

  • What are the training requirements for your operators, mechanics and

  • What temporary supplemental manpower requirements are needed to
    augment your permanent staff during startup?

  • How is the master startup schedule integrated with the construction
    schedule for maximum economic advantage?

  • What startup consumables are needed (fuel, utilities, chemicals, materials and replacement parts)?

  • How is the cost of a startup estimated at the very early, intermediate, and later project stages?

  • How does the estimated startup cost of your project compare with the typical range of 4% to 8% of the total prime contract?

  • How is effective communication ensured prior to and during the startup considering the large number of participants?

  • What support facilities are needed for a startup team in terms of buildings, office, personnel, equipment and supplies?

Haward Technology can provide startup personnel training and prepare or supervise the preparation of operating manuals. In addition, integrating our experienced startup personnel with plant staff is helpful for smooth commissioning and performance of the new facilities.

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