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Project Development & Execution

Haward Technology's staff of experienced engineering specialists can provide project related services or act as the owner's engineer during the various stages of capital project development and execution.

Detailed Engineering

Profit Improvement Programs

Technical assessment of individual processing units, utilities or complete plants are conducted to establish economically attractive design and operational improvements. Energy, yield and reliability enhancements are the main targets. Our experienced experts have worked with plant personnel at more than 50 petroleum refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants worldwide to actually achieve profit improvements in the millions of dollars per year per location.

Yield Optimization

FCC Fractionator Process Improvement

Reliability Enhancement

Process Facilities

A new processing plant is only as good as the decisions that were made before the facilities were built. During the planning stage of any new or modified plant clients will benefit from Haward Technology's extensive experience. Our experts are also available to assist during design, construction, commissioning and provide technical assistance during plant operations.

Developing New Processes

Utilities Systems

Oil Movement and Storage Systems

Equipment (Rotating Equipment, Vessels, Piping, Tanks, Fired Heaters / Boilers, Heat Exchangers)

Haward Technology includes a full complement of equipment experts to address all your design and troubleshooting needs in rotating equipment, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, fired heaters, and tankage. This includes severe service applications such as very high pressure and very high temperature. Hands-on experience includes machinery vibration diagnostics, hydraulic evaluations, metallurgy selection, and sealing solutions. We have experience with all types of process plant machinery including multistage pumps - horizontal and vertical, centrifugal/axial/screw/lobe and reciprocating compressors, steam turbines, metering (dosing) pumps, large electric motors, agitators, liquid ring compressors and vacuum pumps, lube oil systems, and refrigeration systems. Haward Technology staff includes members of ASME piping, pressure vessel, and post- construction committees; a list is included on the next screen. Our combination of equipment and Code expertise, broad experience (both in the office and field) with a variety of industries and owners, and very sophisticated analytical skills, has enabled us to successfully solve a wide variety of problems for our clients. Because of this experience, a number of our clients have asked us to write or review/update corporate standards on equipment.

Stress / Thermal / Hydraulic / Vibration Analysis

Design / Specification / Audit


The continuing tightening of government requirements, including increased emphasis on eliminating/minimizing emissions at the source, requires special skills for developing improvements in line with plant processing objectives. Our experts focus on the following two principal activities to obtain cost effective solutions:

  • Improving treatment operations to reduce effluent discharge.

  • Reducing the production of waste volumes at their source.

Chemical Engineering Technology

Haward Technology has experienced staff in many of the fundamental technologies underlying today's refining and petrochemical processes. Our specialists can support your organization in:

  • Design,

  • Operations,

  • Troubleshooting,

  • Expansions and debottlenecks,

  • Computer tools development,

  • Operating guides and training,

  • R&D and scaleup studies.


Control Systems

Analyzer Applications

Other Areas


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